Institute Objectives

The Chemnitz Automotive Institute (CATI) regards itself as a transregional centre of excellence for automotive economics.

The institute is geared towards the automotive industry’s design needs arising from the three major challenges of internalisation, innovation and demographic change.

The design needs created by these three challenges are immense. The necessity for a new industrial revolution to tackle this complex situation is a central focus for both industrial policy (key concept: reindustrialisation in Europe and the USA) and research (key concept: Industry 4.0).

Building on this strategic orientation, the Chemnitz Automotive Institute initiates, conducts and pools research in the fields of automotive economy, automotive factories and automotive logistics, focusing in particular on developing, testing and transferring process innovations.

The Chemnitz Automotive Institute is supported in its objectives by its incorporation into TU Chemnitz education (TUCed GmbH) and its close cooperation with the Institute for Management and Factory Systems at the Chemnitz University of Technology (TU Chemnitz).

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