CATI presents itself at the ‘Offensive Mittelstand Sachsen’ state convention

70 representatives from industry, economy, politics, science, chambers and associations came together in late January 2015 at the first ‘Offensive Mittelstand Sachsen’ state convention to discuss the topics of innovation and the significance of corporate management within this context. The event was held at TU Chemnitz.

The Chemnitz Automotive Institute was involved through Professor Christoph Igel, a member of CATI’s Board of Directors, who welcomed the more than 70 attendees on behalf of the Vice-Rector for Knowledge and Technology Transfer and gave a keynote speech on intelligent knowledge services for industry 4.0.

It became clear at the state convention that innovation now needs to go much further than new technological developments. Innovative companies need management styles which are innovative in all aspects, including sustainability, further training and health management. Achim Siekers (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) listed the new challenges for companies in his presentation – global competition, demographic change, rapid structural change with industry 4.0 – and made reference to consultancy and support options via networks, projects and tools as part of the ‘New Quality of Work Initiative’ (INQA) in the action areas of personnel management, equal opportunities & diversion, health, knowledge and skills.

‘Offensive Mittelstand – Gut für Deutschland’ (‘Medium-Sized Company Campaign – Good for Germany’) promotes successful, staff-oriented corporate management through the development of up-to-date standards and practical instruments, and offers a variety of regional support structures specifically designed for medium-sized companies. More than 150 partners are currently involved in the ‘Offensive Mittelstand – Gut für Deutschland’ campaign, including federal and state governments, business associations, professional associations, guilds, chambers of trade, trade unions, trade associations, health insurance funds, research institutes and service providers.

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